Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members for a vast array of achievements.

Photos, courtesy of club members.

June Titles


Debbie Stenning and Tucker
Title: NRA

Debbie obtained her (RATG) Retrieving Ability Test for Gundogs Novice Title at the Flat Coat Retriever competition held in Barwon Heads.

She achieved three passes from three  competitions and a fourth place. Next is Open Class.

Rhett between owners
Rhett. He's the one in the middle!

Maribeth Murphy and Rhett
Title: TD

Rhett got his TD title at the GSDCV Tracking Trial in Ballarat on the Saturday of the Queen’s birthday weekend.

This young dog has really taken to tracking.


Pat Embleton and Zeke
Title: SWA

On 11 June, Pat and Zeke went to the Berwick ODC Scentworks Trial.

Zeke passed both elements to make up the nine passes he needed to gain his Scentworks Advanced Title.


Leonie Barret and Baxta
Title: CDX

Baxta gained two passes in CDX (Open) to gain his Companion Dog Excellent title, held at the Gippsland Obedience Dog Club trial held on the 13th June.

He achieved a solid score in the morning trial of 190/200, followed up in the afternoon with a 183/200.

Leonie is very proud of Baxta, and extends her thanks to all her training buddies.

Rebel with Lesley
Rebel with Lesley

Lesley Meikle and Rebel
Title: TD

Lesley is a very happy girl, and her breeder is even happier. “I am so glad that the breeder Stacey Sullivan entrusted this very special Scottie into my care."

Lesley thanked the many club members who assisted her on her jouney to this title. She is sure that without them it would not have happened.

Lesley has been told that Rebel is the first Scottish Terrier in Australia to gain a tracking title. That is rather special.


Kerrie Piper and Sprocket
Title: RM

Sprocket obtained his Rally Masters title at Gippsland’s trial on the 13 June.

Two passes for the day. He was first in his class with a score of 99 (afternoon trial) and was co-awarded Highest Scoring Gippsland Member (HSGM) with Solan, Kerrie’s other dog.

Sprocket also competed in his first two obedience CCD trials. He got a first place and HSGM in both trials.


Roz Buckley and Stig
Title: RN

Roz and Stig obtained their Rally Novice title at Sale’s Rally/Obedience trial on the Sunday of the June long weekend.

The team had a successful weekend with two passes on the Saturday at Bairnsdale as well.


Roz  Buckley and Chilli
Title: RN

Roz had a very successful weekend as Chilly obtained two passes on the Saturday of the June long weekend at Bairnsdale’s Rally/Obedience trial.

She then followed that up with a pass at Sale’s trial on the Sunday to get Chilly’s Rally Novice title.

28 May, Graduation Day

  Frankie with Cat and son


1. Cat Smith with Frankie

2. Sandi Kilpatrick with Spike
3. Lauren Whitehead with Barney

     Ebony Hooimeyer with Havardi
     Jamie Quigley with Wren
    Tom Norwood with Gemma

  no photo

Beginners 1

1. Sue Battye with CherryB

2. Sam Wright with Luna
3. Brian Adams with Doogal

     Nolene Negro with Brandon

  no photo

Beginners 2

1. LeAnne Barton with Charlie

eq 2. Alistair Smith-Stevens with Harmony
eq 2. Ashley Wells with Bailey
3. Elspeth Stevens with Mac

Maribeth with Belle
  Belle with Maribeth

Class 1

eq 1. Maribeth Murphy with Belle
eq 1. Richard Shelton with Sarbi

2. Will Morrison with Ruby
3. Julie Munday with RubyRose

  Poppy and Kaye

Class 2

1. Kaye Yarnold with Poppy

2. Joe Crawford with Elvis (NQ)
3. Fiona Zaffina with Leo (NQ)

  Wally with Tracey

Class 3

1. Tracey Parr with Wally (NQ)

2. John Morrissey with Max (NQ)
3. Geraldine McClure with Max (NQ)

  Harley with Andrea

Class 4

1. Andrea Ryan with Harley

2. Kate Mitchell with Lexie
3. David Hoch with Jessy

May Titles


Pat Embleton and Holly
Title: TD

On Sunday, 1 May, Pat (Trish) and Holly travelled to Ballarat to the Working Dog Tracking Trial where Holly passed her Test 2 with a Very Good.

She then got a track-on to pass her Test 3 with a Very Good to get her Tracking Dog Title.

Pat indicated that they had so much fun and is proud of how hard her little girl worked.

Scarlett with Maribeth

Maribeth Murphy and Scarlett
Title: T & S Champion

Scarlett obtained her eighth pass in Track & Search at Ballarat to give her the Champion title.

Maribeth loves her dogs and her tracking, so this is a fitting reward for all the hard work, early starts, and travel.


Pat Embleton and Holly
Title: RN

On the weekend of 14/15 May, Pat and her dogs travelled up to Wangaratta for a fun weekend away and to try Holly in her very first Rally Trial held by the Wangaratta Kennel & Obedience Club.

They had a fabulous time and Holly managed three very nice scores to gain her Rally Novice title.

For a little girl who has had very limited obedience, and really no Rally training and never stayed in motels before, she handled it all like a pro and did a great job. Of course, her other dog, Zeke, was a fantastic support crew as well!


Kaye Yarnold and Dulcie
Title: TDX

On the weekend of 20-23 May, the Kaye and her dogs competed in the Golden Retriever (Gundogs) trial at Inverleigh.

Dulcie gave her Test 6 a shot which would mean her Tracking Dog Excellent title. She did it, with a grading of Very Good.

Logan tracking

Kaye Yarnold and Logan
Title: TD

On the weekend of 20-23 May, Kaye and her dogs made the trip to Inverleigh for the Golden Retriever (Gundogs) tracking trial.

Logan had a chance of gaining his TD and did not disappoint. He obtained a grading of Excellent and, as a bonus, was awarded Track of the Day.


Julie Fry and Rocky
Title: RE

Rocky got his last pass on 15 May at Berwick, thus gaining his Rally Excellent title.

He is starting to get a bit tired now but at almost 13, and with a heart problem, so he’s performed really well.

Rhett (left) with Maribeth and Scarlett

Maribeth Murphy and Rhett
Title: TSD

Maribeth was very pleased with how her dogs worked at Wodonga on 29 May.

Rhett passed his Track and Search Test 3 with a grade of Excellent. That earned him his Track and Search Title.

And Scarlett passed her Test 9 with a grading of Excellent as well, so she also features in the photo.

Sheena with Karen

Karen Bradford and Sheena
Title: SWN

Sheena gained her Scentwork Novice title at the recent Hastings Dog Club trial.

Accoring to Karen, Sheena is a joy to work with, as she does everything with great enthusiasm.

Woody in action

Helen Evans and Woody
Title: RE

Woody and Helen travelled to Bermagui earlier in the year where they obtained their Rally Excellent title.

Woody in action

Helen Evans and Woody
Title: TKS

Helen and Woody obtained their Trick Dog Starter title at Bairnsdale’s trial in May.

April Titles


Kerrie Piper and Sprocket
Title: SWN

Sprocket finished his scent work novice title at Gippsland's trial last month.

A big shout out to Mum, who picked up this little boy and took him trialling when I could not.


Roz Buckley and Stig
Title: CCD

Roz and Stig obtained their Community Companion Dog title at Croydon with a third placing.


Maribeth Murphy and Belle
Title: RN

At the OTEC trial on Easter Sunday, Belle gained her third pass in Rally Novice and her title.

This title was earned just five days after her first birthday!


Gail Smith and Gwen
Title: TS Champion

Gail is proud of her little girl for gaining her Track and Search Champion Tittle at Ballarat.


Kaye Yarnold and Dulcie
Title: TSDX

On Sunday, 24 April, the dogs and I made the trip to Ballarat for the first Track & Search Trial of the Year.

Not only did Dulcie pass her Test 5 for which we had entered, she was able to Track On for her Test 6, and her first night track. This resulted in Dulcie earning her Tracking & Search Dog Excellent title.


Peter Keenan and Ruby
Title: TS Grand Champion

Peter and Ruby obtained the coveted Track & Search Grand Champion title at the Tracking Club’s trial in April with a grading of Very Good.


Eddie Smith and Betty
Title: TSDX

Eddie and Betty obtained their Track & Search Excellent title at the Tracking Club’s trial at Ballarat with a grading of Very Good

Betty loves her tracking.

Sprocket about to start the course

Kerrie Piper and Sprocket
Title: RAE

With Sprocket's first Rally pass awarded in 2019, this title has been a few years in the making.

Sprocket finished off his RAE with some really lovely scores.

Sprocket doing tricks

Kerrie Piper and Sprocket
Title: TKN

Sprocket completed his Trick Dog Novice title at Bairnsdale with some smooth moves.

He had a head start on coming into the class, needing just one more pass for his title. Sprocket passed all three tests with a second and two third places.

He's a quiet little boy normally, but as we progressed through the trick sequence, he became ever more animated. I looked up to see the ring stewards giggling as he happy-danced at 'trick complete'.

Solan doing tricks

Kerrie Piper and Solan
Title: TKN

Solan was awarded his Novice Trick Dog title at Bairnsdale. He needed 5 passes and 4 of those were first places, with one perfect score of 80/80.

It's no secret Solan has done a lot of tricks over the years, but he's not young now. When Sol can still hold his own against some of the best, it warms my heart to know we've still got time together to explore the new sport.

Hype with Renee

Renee Patten and Hype
Title: RAE

Renee and Hype obtained their Rally Excellent title at the Bairnsdale on 30 April with a third place and score of 94.

Hype with Renee

Renee Patten and Hype
Title: TKS

Renee and Hype obtained their Trick Dog Starters title at Bairnsdale on 30 April.

Great work Renee; three passes for the day.

Boost with Renee

Renee Patten and Boost
Title: TKS

Renee and Boost also obtained their Trick Dog Starters title at Bairnsdale on 30 April.

The team is really enjoying this relatively new dog discipline.

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